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Camila Cabello’s Big-Wig Producer Praises Her True Solo Debut

Camila Cabello's Big-Wig Producer Praises Her True Solo DebutBenny Blanco is the Mr. Oz of the music community. He hides behind the curtain while keeping big musicians in the limelight. Benny has worked with Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and many others to perfect some of their biggest hits. Now, he’s helping Camila Cabello with the launch of her solo career and he is confident that “Crying in the Club” exemplifies her as an artist and as a woman.

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Surprisingly, Camila Cabello Isn’t A Fan Of “Crying In The Club”

Surpsisingly, Camila Cabello Doesn't Support Crying In The Club featureCamila Cabello has released her first true solo single. After tracks with famous featured artists like Machine Gun Kelly and Pitbull, Camila has finally dropped “Crying In The Club” off her highly anticipated album. After the most over-the-top promotion possible, the track is finally here, and it’s not quite as depressing as everyone expected.

The track came complete with a music video featuring Camila jumping back and forth between a dance floor and an abandoned warehouse as she lets the listener know, “Ain’t no crying in the club.” With a subdued beat and some haunting horns, the track really gives Camila a chance to flex her pop vocals. Things heat up in the video until it seems like the club’s fire sprinklers go off, giving Camila a convenient cover for her tears.

The track might seem a little off-brand for Camila’s sad girl routine, but it seems like the singer anticipated that as the music video features a snippet of another song. “I Have Questions” has Camila actually crying in the first two minutes of the video as she delivers the track’s lyrics in black and white. Eventually, that gives way to the beat of “Crying In The Club.”

Check out Camila’s new video below.

(Photo credit: Camila Cabello VEVO YouTube account)

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