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Harry Styles And Zayn Malik Cried On The Phone Together 24 Hours Before Zayn Officially Quit One Direction

tumblr_miou1hOGxY1ruh1qno5_250tumblr_mohghpvsPB1rkmgaqo4_250goddmanlouHarry Styles called Zayn Malik crying just 24 hours before the official statement was released about Zayn quitting 1D. Insider told REVEAL: ‘They were both in floods of tears. Harry was hoping to talk him round and get him back on the tour. He had no idea he was going to drop the bombshell and say he was leaving.’

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Insider ‘Selena Gomez Drinks And Just Sits There Staring Off Into Space And Crying’

selena-gomez-crying0-Justin Bieber not defending comments about Selena Gomez’s sexual promiscuity at Comedy Central’s Roast reportedly triggered her back into her pre-rehab lifestyle of drinking and partying (She needs Demi’s help again!). An insider close to Selena’s circle revealed to CDL:

‘Since the roast was filmed, Selena has been a wreck. She has partied every single night, she sleeps like the entire day away and then goes out and drinks and sits there staring off into space or crying. Everyone is scared she is going to wind up back in rehab.’

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