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The Weeknd Endures The Apocalypse With A Bella Hadid Lookalike In “I Feel It Coming”

The Weeknd Shares I Feel It Coming Music VideoThe Weeknd has shared a bizarrely retro music video for “I Feel It Coming.” The wardrobe and dance moves would make Michael Jackson proud, but the visual’s leading lady might not have the same effect on Selena Gomez. A woman who bares a striking resemblance to Bella Hadid materializes in ’80s sci-fi fashion. The Weeknd obviously has a romantic connection with this mysterious creature before she eventually turns to stone amid an apocalyptic storm. The Weeknd later joins her in stoney afterlife.

Daft Punk, track contributors, eventually appear at the very end in Darth Vader-inspired garb. The first second or so of “Starboy” is heard before the screen goes black.

Check out “I Feel It Coming” below.

Do you see the resemblance between the woman in the video and The Weeknd’s ex?

(Photo credit: Youtube)

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The Weeknd Takes The Stage With Daft Punk At The 59th Annual Grammy Awards

The Weeknd performs at 59th Grammy AwardsThe Weeknd gave the second performance of the night during the 59th Annual Grammy Awards. The singer performed a snippet of his single “Starboy” before going into his second single “I Feel It Coming.”

The singer brought collaborator Daft Punk along for his vibrato-heavy performance that looked like it was set in Superman’s Fortress of Solitude.

Watch The Weeknd’s Grammy performance below.

(Photo credit: united_nuts Twitter account)

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