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The Daily Mail Blames Ariana Grande’s Outfits For Manchester Terror Attack

The Daily Mail Is Trying To Blame Ariana Grande's Outfits For The Manchester Terror Attack featureHot takes are spreading like wildfire in the wake of the terrorist attack on an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. One of the latest is from infamous U.K. tabloid Daily Mail, which ran a column about how Ariana’s clothing and persona could’ve inspired the attack.

“Why would anyone target a concert by the American singer Ariana Grande?” James Harkin writes for the Mail. “The grim answer may lie in the fact that with her revealing stage outfits, her stockings, pink bunny ears and unabashed sexual confidence, 23-year-old Miss Grande is a symbol of everything Islamists hate. According to the purist, medieval interpretation of the Koran favoured by Islamic State, almost everything about Western music, and the Western lifestyle that goes with it, is haram, or forbidden — and so merits a death sentence.”

James goes on to explain the Islamic State’s harsh treatment for Syrian fans of Western pop and heavy metal music. Coupling that with the misogyny of the terrorists, he says, “Thus the sight of Ariana Grande and her risqué stage outfits would be anathema to the fanatics.”

Do you think James has a point about Ariana and her “Dangerous Woman” routine being an easy target? Or is this an attempt to blame a victim for the hatred of others?

Read the entire column here. Check out the Daily Mail’s posts and reactions below.

(Photo credit: Ariana Grande Instagram account)

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