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Bella Thorne Wrote A “Seriously Badass Song” That Might Make Her A Country Music Star

Bella Thorne Wrote A Badass Song--Will It Be Country? featureBella Thorne’s promise to return to music is getting more real with each passing day. The latest update on Bella’s musical revival came on Tuesday when she retweeted a Nashville singer-songwriter who said he was writing with Bella.

Will King said he and his musical partner Dakota Jay, another Nashville musician, wrote “a seriously badass song” with Bella and used the hashtag “#ASongForTheHaunted” in his tweet.

Bella retweeted that and added a hashtag of her own. It seemed to indicate some kind of completion, but she wasn’t clear about whether she just meant the song or a larger musical project. A few hours prior to that, she tweeted something that looked a lot like song lyrics.

Bella’s been teasing her return to music this year. The fact that she’s working with a couple of country writers from Nashville begs the question: what will Bella’s new music sound like?

Is she planning to have one country song on her album, Beyoncé-style? Or is she the latest pop star to pull the reverse Taylor Swift with a move into country?

See Will’s tweet about songwriting with Bella below, plus check out her status update and see what everyone thinks are lyrics.

(Photo credit: Bella Thorne Instagram account)

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