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Bella Thorne’s Neckline Was Plunging AF

Bella Thorne Plunging FeatureBella Thorne appeared over the weekend with her sister Dani and boyfriend Mod Sun at the opening of the On The Park nightclub at the Park MGM in Las Vegas. Bella took no prisoners with her dress, which had a seriously plunging neckline that almost literally didn’t stop …

You can check out some pics and some video of Bella’s very revealing dress below.    Continue Reading →


Bella Thorne and Dani Thorne Shamelessly Market Bella’s Bathing Suit Line

Bella Thorne Filthy FeatureActor / producer / rapper Bella Thorne continues to try to capture at least a little of the Instagram marketing magic of Kylie Jenner or Selena Gomez with her own “Filthy Fangs” products. The jury may still out on the results, but that is not slowing Bella down one bit. Most recently, she took to Instagram to market a couple of her Filthy Fangs bathing suits, spicing up the marketing effort with a few sexy shots.

To get the pics, she and her sister / DJ Dani Thorne apparently decided to strut around the streets of New York in the barely-there bikinis and high heels. Why the streets of New York? Because, b**ch, she’s Bella …

You can check out a few pics of Bella and Dani’s merchandise below.  Continue Reading →