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Daniel Tosh Takes on Selena Gomez – But Who Looks Better in a Silk Kimono?

Daniel Tosh Covers Selena Gomez Good For YouComedian Daniel Tosh has found a lot to make fun of in Selena Gomez’s “Good For You.” He recreated the full version of Selena’s “more mature” music video, then posted a side-by-side comparison to YouTube yesterday.

Answering why he chose to remake the video in such detail, Daniel posted the following tweet.

Daniel Tosh Selena GomezA special guest also makes an appearance in the video, lipsyncing A$AP Rocky’s explicit rap verses and no doubt making many ask the question – is this whole thing funny, lame or just plain creepy?

Watch the full video below.

Who do you think looks better in a silk kimono, Selena or Daniel?  Who do you think is wearing more makeup?

(Photo Credits: YouTube)

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