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Awkward! Nick Jonas Exposed In Real Time For Rejecting Ex-Girlfriend’s FaceTime Call

Nick Jonas Exposed In Real Time For Rejecting Ex Girlfriends FaceTime Call featureNick Jonas was minding his own business when Joe Jonas forced him into an embarrassing—and very public—situation in a new teaser for “The Voice Australia.” Joe was simply trying to get a contestant on his team and wound up exposing Nick for ignoring his ex-girlfriend’s phone call.

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Give Love A Try: A Romantic Timeline Of Nick Jonas And His Relationship Baggage

A Thorough Valentine's Day Celebration Of Nick Jonas And His Relationship Baggage featureWith Joe Jonas off the market, Nick Jonas is quickly becoming one of the world’s most sought after bachelors. Following the news that big brother Joe is officially marriage material, it seems that Nick’s various bulges are becoming some of the most coveted curves in the entertainment industry. But anyone eager to jump Nick’s bones ought to know what they’re getting into, so here’s a look back at his ghosts of girlfriends past.

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Nick Jonas Reunites With An Old Flame

Nick Jonas Reunites With An Ex featureNick Jonas loves to party. Whether he’s taking in a show in Las Vegas or sneaking into a premiere party, it’s not uncommon to see Nick with a drink in one hand and a cigar in the other on his Instagram feed. His latest party pics feature a familiar face.

Nick and his ex-girlfriend Delta Goodrem reunited for some nightlife fun. The former couple looked very friendly in an Instagram post from Nick. With a hand draped over Nick’s shoulder, Delta was all smiles reuniting with her scruffy faced ex.

Delta is eight years older than Nick, which is just further proof that the 24-year-old Jonas Brother has a type. Whether it’s 38-year-old Kate Hudson or the 29-year-old Hilary Duff, Nick seems to like his ladies like his wine: well-aged.

Check out Nick’s photo with Delta and more shots from his latest wild night below.

(Photo credit: Nick Jonas Instagram account)


Nick Jonas ‘I Still Have Love For Delta Goodrem’ + What Did Nick Do With His Purity Ring After He Had Sex For The First Time?

nickdeltadele-4The Voice preview. Nick told NEWS.com.au that at 18 he had ‘genuine love’ for 26 year old Delta Goodrem. Do you still talk: ‘From time to time. But we run in different circles these days. But from time to time we talk.

I think that life is about a journey and growth, and each person that’s a part of your life is meaningful and important. And I think that there is always love there. It’s a part of the journey.

But I can say now that I’m thankful to have had all the experiences, and that was an important chapter of my life, but I’m thrilled to be in a new chapter.’ What did you do with purity ring after having sex?

Did he give it to the girl? Or throw it into the ocean like the old lady in Titanic? ‘There was no dramatic thing like Titanic. I think it’s in my home somewhere, but I don’t really know to be honest. No dramatic effort in that way.’

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