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Check Out Alessia Cara Giving Stripped-Down Performances of “Trust My Lonely” … and a Destiny’s Child Medley

Alessia Cara Destinys ChildSinger Alessia Cara stopped by the SiriusXM studios yesterday to perform a stripped-down, nearly acoustic live set that included a version of her single, “Trust My Lonely,” from her recently-released album The Pains of Growing.

But, as a bonus, to show her love of all things Beyonce, Alessia also performed a medley of legend-status Destiny’s Child songs “Say My Name,” “Bills Bills Bills,” “Survivor,” “Bootylicious” and “Emotion.”

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Ashley Tisdale Collaborates With Debby Ryan For “Say My Name” Cover

Ashley Tisdale teams up with Debby RyanAshley Tisdale is still trying to revive her music career by teaming up with former cast mates and Disney alums to sing covers by well-known artists. For Ashley’s newest Music Sessions installment, she teamed up with Debby Ryan to deliver an acoustic cover of Destiny’s Child’s “Say My Name.”

The two were very complimentary of each other before going into their very first duet that had Debby sounding oddly similar to Selena Gomez.

Watch the cover below.

What did you think of Ashley and Debby’s take on “Say My Name?”

(Photo credit: YouTube)

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Fifth Harmony Has A Lot Of Nice Things To Say About One Other Following Cabello’s Exit

Fifth Harmony Sure Says A Lot Of Nice Things About Each Other Ever Since Camila Cabello Left featureFifth Harmony recently sat down with Time Magazine for a total love fest of an interview. Since the departure of Camila Cabello from the group, Ally Brooke Hernandez has called the group’s latest tour the “best time we’ve ever had.” Even as all four of the group’s remaining members are pursuing solo projects, the ladies are coming together again for a new album led by “Down.”

“The very exciting thing about going into this album is that we know the story we want to tell,” Ally Brooke said. “We draw from our personal experiences. We’ve been in the studio, and we’ve had a lot of creative control. And through that, we’ve been able to co-write more than half of our album. It was an amazing process to have that creative freedom. It’s great to put in our voices and our words on this album.”

So, what exactly is in those voices and those words? Time asked the group’s members to explains what’s different about them as musicians and individuals as they enter a new era. The women of Fifth Harmony took it as a chance to sing each other’s praises. Each took a turn describing what she admires about another member of the group.

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Kylie Jenner Drops A New Camo Clothing Collection And Twitter Doesn’t Want To See It

Kylie Jenner Is Dropping A New Camo Clothing Collection And Twitter Doesn't Want To See It featureKylie Jenner is launching a new line of clothing from her personal brand on Thursday. The teenage fashionista is rolling out a collection of camo merch from the Kylie Shop featuring lighters, hats and what she’s calling “camokinis”–a.k.a., camouflage bikinis.

Kylie advertised the new products by putting her body on display in the new swimwear. She even bought another billboard to hype the launch. But as time ticks down on her latest launch, familiar allegations are springing up on Twitter as users get a first look at the camo line.

Critics are circling Kylie with more culture vulture charges. Some are pointing to Destiny’s Child’s famous camo bikinis as the style Kylie is scavenging. Others are saying Kylie is drawing inspiration from Plugged NYC, a black-owned brand that launched its own camo line in May.

That won’t stop Kylie as she goes ahead with the launch. It’s never stopped her before.

Check out Kylie’s new camo goods below, plus see some of the reactions from Twitter.

(Photo credit: Kylie Jenner Instagram account)

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Fifth Harmony Channels Destiny’s Child On “Greatest Hits”

Fifth Harmony Channels Destiny's Child On Greatest HitsFifth Harmony may be traveling abroad for its “7/27 Tour,” but that hasn’t kept the ladies from treating stateside fans to a little entertainment.

Thursday, the same day the new ABC series “Greatest Hits” premiered, a clip of the quintet performing was released. Fifth Harmony is known for its unique arrangements, but the ladies lent their voices to another world famous girl group—Destiny’s Child. The group tried its hand at the 1999 smash “Say My Name” and 2001’s “Independent Women, Pt. 1.”

Although Fifth Harmony hasn’t had a revolving lineup like Destiny’s Child, the group is no stranger to breakup rumors.

Check out video of Fifth Harmony’s “Greatest Hits” performance below.

Who sang it better, Destiny’s Child or Fifth Harmony?

(Photo credit: Fifth Harmony Instagram account)

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