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Dina Lohan “Can Sleep At Night” Knowing Lindsay Lohan Has Kicked Egor Tarabasov To The Curb

dina lohan lindsay lohan glad egot tarabasov is goneDina Lohan spoke with E! News about the status of Lindsay Lohan’s engagement with Egor Tarabasov. According to Dina, the relationship is “completely over” and that, she says, is very good news. Dina went on to explain how the fact that her daughter’s engagement is cancelled makes her feel.

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Lindsay Lohan’s Mom Claims Pregnancy Rumors Were Revenge Against Egor Tarabasov

dina lohan lindsay lohan not pregnantThe Lohan family has had a rough relationship with fame. Since Lindsay’s rise and fall, it seems like they only ever make the news for fighting. Case in point: Lindsay’s latest round of publicity has resulted from her loud and public accusations of abuse against fiancé Egor Tarabasov. But is the fallout driving her parents apart just like the good old days?

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