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The Dolan Twins Want to Become Professional Dancers

Dolan Twins DanceIn the latest installment from the Dolan twins, the boys decide that they want to become professional dancers. So they bring in Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler of Dance Mom‘s fame to train them up. Maddie and Mackenzie decide to take the whole thing seriously and give the twins a real routine to work on.

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Australian Band Cub Sport Drops New Music Video Written and Directed By Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins Hawaiian PartyThe Dolan twins’ much hyped initial effort at directing an independent music video just dropped today. Ethan and Grayson wrote / directed the video, with Ethan also pulling a key acting role, for Australian indie-pop band Cub Sport’s current single, “Hawaiian Party.”

The video traces out a theme of “first kiss” across three young couples.

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Ethan Dolan Boots Racist Fans Out Of The Dolan Twins Fandom

Ethan Dolan speaks out against racist accusations-7After Logan Paul was dragged all over the internet, Ethan Dolan announced that he would be speaking up and using his voice. What he didn’t say was that he would be using his voice when he felt like using it. Fans of the Dolan Twins learned about this stipulation the hard way when the twins’ African American fans became victims of racial attacks.

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Here’s Why The Dolan Twins Were Compelled To Hop In A Freezing River Wearing Dresses

Heres Why The Dolan Twins Were Compelled To Hop In A Freezing River Wearing Dresses featureThe Dolan Twins’ new video takes their sibling rivalry to new places. For once, Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan are forced to team up as they both agree to do whatever their older sister Cameron Dolan dares them to. With a little prodding from Cameron, the boys end up taking pies to the face and jumping in an icy river, all while wearing dresses straight from Santa’s workshop.

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