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Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Become Parents

Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Become ParentsJoe Jonas and Sophie Turner took their relationship to the next level Tuesday night in Nashville. The pair became adoptive parents to DNCE’s biggest fan, Doug the Pug. The person responsible for the famous dog’s social media accounts declared Joe and Sophie to be the “parents” of the pup. Various photos from Doug’s time backstage at DNCE’s latest show also prove that he puts the “D in DNCE.”

Regardless of the couple’s parenthood status, it does appear as though Sophie is really taking on the groupie role. The actress seems to be following Joe and the band around as they tour the country.

Check out the photos below.

(Photo credits: Joe Jonas and Doug The Pug Instagram accounts; Doug The Pug Twitter account)

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Joe Jonas Gets Starstruck, But Not Because Of A Human Celebrity

Joe Jonas meets Doug the Pug-3Before hitting the Nashville stage with DNCE, Joe Jonas hung out with someone who is as equally, if not more, famous as he is, Doug the Pug. The singer seemed starstruck in the photo posted to his Instagram account.

“Chillin with the homie @itsdougthepug before the Nashville show,” Joe wrote.

See the photos and video of the meeting below.

(Photo credits: alltloveharryx Twitter account; Joe Jonas and Doug the Pug Instagram accounts)

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