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Even Fifth Harmony Is Falling For The #DownChallenge

Fifth Harmony Is Falling For The Down Challenge featureFifth Harmony’s latest single, “Down,” has spawned a new social media challenge. But instead of dance moves or staying perfectly still, the #DownChallenge has fans editing videos to time up serious falls with the hook in the new song.

The meme got started after Normani Kordei’s fall on “Good Morning America” prompted fans to see the potential. From there, it’s taken off with videos of Dinah Jane Hansen and Lauren Jauregui falling, plus tons of other hilarious videos of gravity wreaking havoc.

Dinah retweeted a couple of her favorite entries into the challenge. She claimed to be “in TEAAAARS” as she was laughing at some of the clips.

Check out video from the #DownChallenge below.

Hopefully, the group’s new single won’t tumble down the charts.

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