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People Are Not Happy About Demi Lovato’s “No Promises” Dreadlocks

People Are Unamused By Demi Lovato's No Promises Dreadlocks featureDemi Lovato is ruffling some feathers thanks to her style choices in the “No Promises” music video she made with Cheat Codes. To heighten the post-apocalyptic vibes in the visual, Demi did something to her hair that made it look similar to dreadlocks.

While the look is a poor imitation of actual dreads, critics still took to social media to call Demi out on the cultural appropriation inherent in the style choice. That work proved to be valuable as other Twitter users were apparently inspired by Demi to dread their own hair.

Unfortunately for Demi, being 1% African does not give you a pass to steal hairstyles.

Check out what people had to say about Demi’s dreads below.

(Photo credit: Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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