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Nick Jonas Poses With Olivia Culpo Lookalike, Smokes & Drinks With Joe And Vegas + Covers FLAUNT

nick-vegas (6)nick-vegas (314)nick-vegas (16)Nick Jonas smoking and drinking in Vegas + FAULT interview: ‘I felt like I was able to have total control over the music, and able to really open myself up creatively, ‘Jealous’ was actually the first song I wrote.

I think there are definitely topics that I’m more comfortable to speak about at this point in my life than I was a couple of years ago, and naturally there are darker tones to the music. It’s very different. The biggest thing is in the promotion of it all; before, I had my two best friends with me all the time, but now it’s just me.

I’m thrilled to see the reaction to the music, but that’s the one thing I miss. I definitely felt the need to approach this process on my own. It was important for me to start working on this record by myself.’

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Nick Jonas Beer Drinking Selfie ‘I Am Grateful To Have Been With Miley In A Time Of Craziness In My Life & In Hers’

tumblr_mtnktnHJKf1sipb3vo1_500slefieNick Jonas takes beer drinking selfie with a fans phone. New ELLE interview about Niley: Could you date a woman who didn’t like your music? I probably have dated women who didn’t like my music.

Really? They probably wouldn’t come out and say it. That would be pretty rude. I think that dating other musicians can be complicated at times. Especially when they think highly of themselves.
Are we talking about a specific musician?

[Laughs] No. Not necessarily. [Laughs again] But it does complicate things. That’s probably why I’m no longer with those people. Would you do anything differently about your relationship with Miley?

I was so young. What’s unfortunate is that, as we got older, we ran in different circles. We’ve always had respect and wished the best for each other. I don’t know that I have any regrets. It’s more gratitude for having had a good friend in a time of craziness in my life and in hers.

There was so much attention on my sex life at 15. It was uncomfortable. If you were talking about a 15-year-old’s sex life or a 17-year-old’s in any other context it would be totally obscene, [The ring] shaped my view of the importance of sex.

My journey with faith evolved and became more about my personal relationship with God. It was about me being comfortable with my decisions. As a 22-year-old man, I’m a man in all ways, and I’m comfortable with that. It’s freeing now to be transparent.

How often does Nick have sex with Olivia Culpo?

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Miley Gets Drunk And Instagrams Areola And Nipple Pictures After It’s Rumored That Selena Had Sex With Liam Hemsworth Also

miley-drunk-nipple (5)miley-drunk-nipple (2)Miley gets drunk and Instagrams areola and nipple pictures with friends after it’s rumored that Selena Gomez had sex with Miley’s ex-fiance Liam Hemsworth. It is likely the reason why Miley has been bashing Selena for the past two years and has become obsessed with her.

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