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Harry Styles Sets Historic First As Debut Film, Album And Single All Go Number One

Harry Styles Sets Historic First As Debut Film, Album And Single All Go Number One featureHarry Styles has a one-of-a-kind distinction to add to his resume moving forward. He’s become the first artist in history to have his debut single, album and film all go to the top of the charts.

A new report from ET Canada asserts that Harry earned the honor after “Dunkirk” stayed at number one for a second week after taking over the box office in its premiere weekend.

Harry Styles Sets Historic First As Debut Film, Album And Single All Go Number One tweet“Sign of the Times,” Harry’s debut solo single after One Direction, went number one on the U.K. singles chart. It only made it to number four in the U.S., but Harry’s self-titled debut album was top of the charts in the U.S., the U.K. and at least a dozen other countries.

Given his latest achievement with a number-one film, Harry just might be the sign of the times himself.

(Photo credit: Harry Styles Instagram account)

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Harry Styles’ Is A Top-Selling Artist And Actor Now After “Dunkirk” Brings In $50.5 Million

Harry Styles' Dunkirk make 50.5 millionHarry Styles can now say that he was a part of a top-selling boy band and film after “Dunkirk” hit the box office with a $50.5 million debut. The World War II film premiered last Friday and beat all expectations for the film with one of the best openings for a WWII film.

Internationally, “Dunkirk” raked in $55.4 million bring the overall total of revenue to $105.9 million. The U.K. was the leading country for the international numbers with $12.4 million, followed by South Korea with $10.3 million. Although the film surprised many critics it still has more money to make in order to break even the $100 million production budget.

Directioners no doubt went to support their fave, but they aren’t the sole reason the film was been so positively accepted amongst film goers. 60 percent of the ticket buyers was comprised of men, while 76 percent of the audience was over the age of 25.

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No One Checked Harry Styles’ Swimming Credentials Before Filming “Dunkirk,” Panic Ensued

Someone Should've Checked Harry Styles' Swimming Credentials Before DunkirkBy now, fans have witnessed Harry Styles in the fight of his life during a dramatic underwater scene in one of the official “Dunkirk” trailers. What fans might not have known is that no one bothered to ask Harry how well he could swim before he landed the part. In a new interview with USA Today, Harry reveals just how terrifying that particular scene was to film.

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Harry Styles Rubs Elbows With Royalty At The “Dunkirk” London Premiere

Harry Styles attends Dunkirk premiere-4Harry Styles attended the London premiere of “Dunkirk” on Thursday and got a royal surprise when Prince Harry came to the event. Harry, who plays ‘Alex’ in the war film, revealed that he feels spoiled for working on his first film with Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Chris Nolan.

Being his first foray onto the big screen, Harry received support from his One Direction bandmates. Louis Tomlinson took a break from promoting his upcoming single to attend the premiere to the pure excitement of Directioners and Larry shippers everywhere. Liam Payne also showed more support for Harry’s movie than he did his music with a tweet congratulating the singer.
Harry Styles attends Dunkirk premiere-6See red carpet photos and video from the “Dunkirk” movie premiere below.

(Photo credits: larry stylinson, DontBoreUs and WW1DUpdates Twitter accounts)

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Harry Styles Reveals How Much Thought Went Into His Major “Dunkirk” Hair Style Change

Harry Styles Reveals How Much Thought Went Into His Major Dunkirk Hair Style Change Almost None featureHarry Styles is hitting the trail for the “Dunkirk” press campaign. The singer may have a relatively small role in the World War II movie, but his fame is a major boon to the movie’s visibility–even if director Christopher Nolan doesn’t know who he is. In a new interview with Access Hollywood, Harry talked about what went into cutting off his signature long hair for the role.

“When I auditioned for a movie that was set in World War II, I imagined I’d probably have to have a little trim,” Harry said with a smile and a chuckle. “It kind of went without saying and I was so excited to be involved in the movie, I didn’t really think too much.” Harry was highly motivated to get involved with the project, and he explained what drew him to the chance to be on the silver screen.

“I was so excited about this film,” Harry said. “I’m such a massive fan of Chris’s films.” The chance to work with the “Inception” director might’ve drawn Harry into this project, but he’s not ruling out future Hollywood parts even as he prepares for a massive tour.

“I haven’t really thought too much further ahead,” he said when asked if there was a future in movies for him. He did admit, “I loved doing this film.” Harry also joked about the prep work that went into his “Dunkirk” role.

Watch his interview below.

(Photo credit: Access Hollywood YouTube account)

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“Dunkirk” Director Christopher Nolan Has No Clue How Famous Harry Styles Is

Dunkirk Director Christopher Nolan Had No Clue How Famous Harry Styles Is featureDespite being part of a cast that includes Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh, the Internet seems fairly preoccupied with how much screen time Harry Styles will get in “Dunkirk.” Curiously enough, the film’s director, Christopher Nolan, had no clue just how famous Harry is before the movie was filmed.

“I don’t think I was that aware really of how famous Harry was,” Nolan said in an interview with Billboard on Friday. “I mean, my daughter had talked about him. My kids talked about him, but I wasn’t really that aware of it. So the truth is, I cast Harry because he fit the part wonderfully and truly earned a seat at the table.”

Following a brief appearance in the film’s earlier trailers, Harry has been prominently featured in some of the latest teasers leading up to the film’s release. Clearly, Nolan got the message.

Dunkirk arrives in theaters on July 21.

(Photo credit: BestDailyHarry Twitter account)

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