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Robert Pattinson Reveals He Used To Be Roommates With Screech From “Saved By The Bell”

Robert Pattinson lived with Dustin DiamondBefore the glitz and the glamour that came with his “Twilight” franchise fame, Robert Pattinson was living with Dustin Diamond famously known for playing Screech in “Saved by the Bell.” The actor revealed the surprising fact during an interview with Ryan Seacrest earlier this week.

“I loved it. I really miss it,” the actor said of his humble Hollywood beginnings in the infamous Oakwood apartments, a location many rising stars once called home. According to Robert, before Dustin was arrested for allegedly pulling a knife on a man, he shared his knowledge on true American cuisine with him.

“Dustin was the first person to introduce me to Hot Pockets!” Robert said. The actor has moved on from his frat boy days, but there could still be hope for the former roommates to reunite over their favorite microwave meal–if Dustin can stay out of prison long enough to enjoy it.

Listen to the interview below.

(Photo credit: Christine1386 Twitter account)

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