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Nick Jonas Is A Proud Voter, But He Was Almost Unable To Cast His Ballot

Nick Jonas almost couldn't vote-1Tuesday night’s election was definitely one for the history books and Nick Jonas almost couldn’t participate. The singer flew home to California from Hawaii in order to vote, but according to TMZ, he wasn’t in the system.

It turns out Nick wasn’t registered to vote in Sherman Oaks because he had just moved into the area. The singer was able to finally cast his vote after explaining to officials that he was new to the city and proved his change of address.

See Nick proudly show off his “I Voted” sticker below.

(Photo credit: Nick Jonas Instagram account)

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Miley Cyrus Declares She Will Be A “Hopeful Hippie” In Emotional Post-Election Video

Miley Cyrus will be a hopeful hippieMiley Cyrus seems to be handling the election results as best as she can in an emotional video shared on Wednesday. In the video, Miley is seen in tears as she unwillingly accepts Donald Trump as her next president after campaigning so strongly for both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

“I still think that in her lifetime she deserves to be the first female president,” the singer says as she starts to get choked up. She then thanked President Barack Obama for his eight years in office before fully breaking down in tears.

Watch Miley’s reaction below.

(Photo credit: Miley Cyrus Instagram account)

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