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Demi Lovato Is Being Emo Again

Demi Lovato goes to another emo night-1Demi Lovato isn’t giving up her emo ways, even though it’s 2017. Back in May, she showed off her tortured side at a theme party. It would appear as if she has a whole lot of angst left in her system. Since all of Demi’s friends like Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas and Iggy Azalea are busy promoting their music, Demi had to attend and DJ an event on Tuesday night with her non-famous squad. The theme for the evening: emo.

Later in the evening, the audio system shut down. Being the performer that she is, Demi decided to turn emo night into karaoke night. The singer gave a live acoustic performance of Paramore’s “Misery Business” for the party goers before the system was fixed.

Check out the photos and video of Demi’s night below.

(Photo credit Demi Lovato Instagram account)

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