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Model Of Modesty Taylor Swift Accuses Ed Sheeran Of “Peacocking”

Model Of Modesty Taylor Swift Accuses Ed Sheeran Of Peacocking featureTaylor Swift and Ed Sheeran can’t decide if they’re besties or rivals. A new behind-the-scenes video from Taylor’s “End Game” music video shows just how chummy the two can be when they’re not competing for music’s top sales figures. In the clip, Taylor is sitting back on a couch and Ed is next to her in a much higher chair. Taylor called out her pal for his elevation games.

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Here Are All Of The Hidden Messages In Taylor Swift’s “End Game” Music Video

The Snake Strikes Again Fans Think Taylor Swift's End Game Music Video Is Full Of Hidden References featureTaylor Swift has a history of packing her music videos full of subtle and not-so-subtle references to her life. While the new “End Game” music video didn’t quite squash the Katy Perry beef like some hoped it would, it’s still overflowing with imagery that serious Swifties recognize. From her snake persona to her new boyfriend, Taylor snuck some dirty laundry into her latest visual.

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