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Is Charlie Puth Thirsty Enough To Go Breaking Up Relationships In The Philippines?

charlie puth thirsty liza soberano phillipines enrique gilCharlie Puth is still on tour in Asia and it looks like the singer is trying to catch someone special’s eye. In some recent social media posts, Charlie’s been focusing a lot of his attention on the Philippine actress Liza Soberano. Over the weekend, Charlie posted video of himself providing an English dub of a Philippine movie staring Liza. In the Snaps, Charlie demonstrates why he’s not a comedian.

While Liza isn’t exactly spoken for, she does have a very close working relationship with the actor Enrique Gil. The duo have even said they act like a couple together. But even the fact that Liza and Enrique co-star in the movie he dubbed wasn’t enough to deter Charlie. He took to Twitter on Saturday to ask if there was a chance Liza might show up to his Manila concert. Liza apologized when she wasn’t able to make it.

Check out Charlie’s Snapchat and the rest of the tweets below.

What do you think it would take for Charlie to be quenched?

(Photo credit: Charlie Puth Instagram account)

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