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Selena Gomez Is A Fall Risk In Her Latest “Bad Liar” Promo

Selena Gomez Is A Fall Risk In Her Latest Bad Liar Promo featureSelena Gomez is still teasing her new single, “Bad Liar,” ahead of its Thursday release. With only a day to go, Selena’s latest promo features a brief clip of the song and a shot of Selena sporting an eye-catching bracelet. But the accessory isn’t a high-fashion piece of jewelry–it’s a “FALL RISK” bracelet, like the kind used in hospitals.

The yellow wristbands are designed to let nurses and hospital staff know that a patient might be at an elevated risk to fall due to weakness or because a fall could be especially disastrous.

The pic garnered some negative attention as Instagram users though Selena was trying to capitalize on the success of her show “13 Reasons Why” by making a connection to suicide.

But Petra Collins, the photographer behind the pic, countered that claim. She said Selena had the bracelet on because she came straight to the photoshoot from a Lupus-related hospital stay.

That scandal had a quick and easy resolution, but another could be looming. The teaser clip of the song Selena shared, set to video of a static-filled TV, only features a bass line. But the bass line is nearly identical to the riff that opens “Psycho Killer” from the Talking Heads.

It looks like Selena is sampling the New Wave legends on her new track. Hopefully, she’s doing it legally.

Hear the snippet from Selena’s track below, plus see the controversial “FALL RISK” photo.

(Photo credit: Selena Gomez Instagram account)

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