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Kylie Jenner Uses Her Housekeeper’s Arm For All Those Lip Kit Swatches On Snapchat

Kylie Jenner Uses Her Housekeeper's Arm For All Those Lip Kit Swatches On Snapchat feaureKylie Jenner was given a completely meaningless honor by Fast Company, who named her number 57 on a list of the 100 Most Creative People in Business 2017. Kylie sat down with the publication about starting, running and growing her business. She also revealed that it’s not her arm in all those snaps of her showing off new lip kit colors. Apparently, Kylie prefers to use her hired help for that.

“Everyone knows when I’m releasing a product on Snapchat that I will be MIA for the next hour and a half. I’m running around my house, finding the perfect lighting, the perfect swatches,” Kylie explains, giving Fast Company insight into her release process.

“My housekeeper, I use her arm for my Snapchats,” Kylie confesses. “She has the best arm for swatches. She’s so nice and just sits there and has her arm ready and lets me do my thing. I care a lot about what my products look like when people first see them.”

Kylie may get some free help from her housekeeper, and it’s nice that she’s finally being honest about it. She went on to seemingly lie about some of her advertising practices. Kylie was explaining her marketing strategy when she made a confusing claim.

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