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Father John Misty Pulls A Kanye On Taylor Swift

Father John Misty Pulls A Kanye On Taylor SwiftJoshua Tillman, better known as Father John Misty, took a page from Kanye West’s “Famous” playbook and is controversially placing Taylor Swift front and center in a new song. In the track, “Total Entertainment Forever,” Father John Misty fantasizes about virtual reality sex with the “Bad Blood” singer.

“Bedding Taylor Swift / Every night inside the Oculus Rift / After mister and missus finish dinner and the dishes,” the song begins.  “And now the future’s definition is so much higher than it was last year / It’s like the images have all become real / And someone’s living my life for me out in the mirror.”

Although Taylor stood up for herself following the Kanye “Famous” debacle, Father John Misty has a better chance of being in the clear. The result of that lyric consent battle didn’t end in Taylor’s favor and it would make sense for her to stay out of it now.

Granted, Father John Misty probably reached out to Taylor ahead of releasing “Total Entertainment Forever.” He released covers of her music in 2015 and took them down after they became too popular. Taylor’s team reached out to Father John Misty and encouraged him to put them back up, which is a rare request from a singer who protects her music like a religious artifact.

Listen to the track below.

Do you think Taylor will let this one slide?

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