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TMI: Meghan Trainor Reveals She’s Sent Dirty Texts To The Wrong Person Among Other Things

Meghan Trainor Airs Out Some Dirty Laundry On Ellen With The Cast Of Her New Singing Show featureMeghan Trainor’s new singing contest show “The Four: The Battle for Stardom!” debuts Thursday night on FOX. Ahead of the series premiere, Meghan stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” with four of her co-stars to discuss the program. After sorting out why there were five guests from a show called “The Four,” Ellen had the group play “Never Have I Ever,” which revealed that Meghan might be the wildest member of the cast.

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Is There Anything More Terrifying Than Six Kendall Jenners In A Room Together?

Is There Anything Scarier Than Six Kendall Jenners In A Room Together featureFergie delivered on her promise to drop a music video featuring Kendall Jenner. Despite Kendall’s history of making headlines for the wrong reasons, she’s the sole star of the visual for “Enchanté (Carine),” one of the new tracks off of Fergie’s star-studded visual album “Double Dutchess.” But she’s not exactly alone in the video. Fergie skipped the Pepsi and picked up a six-pack of Kendalls.

The video tracks Kendall living out her normal rich girl lifestyle as she wakes up in one of three color-coordinated beds, walks a dog and does her fair share of posing in front of some fake mirrors. Eventually, a half dozen Kendalls meet up around a dinner table as Fergie’s son, Axl Jack, sings the song’s hook one last time. Kendall lip syncs along like a Justin Bieber-level pro.

It just might be the unintentional dose of horror the world needed to get the Halloween season jump started. And, so far, the video hasn’t been called out for racism, which is always a perk and never a given for Kendall.

See how many Kendalls you can stomach below.

(Photo credit: Fergie VEVO YouTube account)

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Despite The Scandals, Fergie Gives Kendall Jenner A Job

Despite The Scandals, Fergie Gave Kendall Jenner A Job featureThe best efforts of Twitter have not yet been enough to stop Kendall Jenner. She’s weathered several scandals this year, perhaps most notably in a Pepsi commercial she thought would end her career. Kendall has suffered through all the criticism and continued to get work at the latest fashion weeks. Now, Kendall is set to make another move as she follows in her big sister Kim Kardashian-West’s footsteps by making an appearance in a Fergie music video.

Fergie teased a clip of Kendall in bed from her up-coming visual album “Double Dutchess.” The ambitious project from the Black-Eyed Peas’ resident humps-haver debuted in Brooklyn on Tuesday. Kendall hasn’t done much in the way of music videos herself, but that didn’t stop Fergie from taking a chance on the controversial supermodel.

A critic from W Magazine who attended the premiere wrote Kendall “stars in another video that features her dancing and rapping in a fur coat, and starts and ends with her propped up on a pink bed.” It’s hard to imagine Kendall rapping without a complete Twitter meltdown, but even lip-syncing along to some Fergie rhymes might be too much for some.

“Double Dutchess” drops on Friday, so the world will get a chance to rip Kendall for whatever she’s about to do then.

(Photo credits: Fergie and Kendall Jenner Instagram accounts)

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