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Liam Payne: “I Think I Just Grew Balls On My Balls”

I Think I Just Grew Balls On My Balls Liam Payne Dodges One Direction Question During A Hot Wing Challenge featureLiam Payne was out to prove that he fears no hot sauce as he wore a white sweatshirt to an interview that involved a lot of chicken wings. Liam sat down with the First We Feast YouTube channel for a lengthy Q&A that had him sampling hotter and hotter hot sauces as the interrogation went on. Despite his early confidence, Liam struggled a bit to make it through the entire interview without losing his cool.

Liam did find a bit of time to discuss his old One Direction days in between wings. He revealed that Louis Tomlinson was the messiest roommate, Harry Styles was the easiest crier and Niall Horan was the best one to have a beer with. Liam was also tasked with ranking the leading solo singles from each of his former bandmates. He tried to distract with a joke about Kylie Jenner’s lips, but couldn’t dodge the question forever.

“I can’t rate the boys’ singles,” he said. “I think this is the theory is that everyone’s kind of done such different stuff.” Niall had to take a break as the hottest hot sauce before he continued, “I think it’s down to each person’s musical taste. It’s not so much down to the idea of what was best and worst songs ’cause I don’t think there are any worst songs. Everybody did the best with what they wanted to make.”

Watch Liam’s entire interview below.

(Photo credit: First We Feast YouTube account)

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