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An Unhinged Lady Gaga Gets Stoned In Her Grandpa’s Car In New “Five Foot Two” Teaser

Lady Gaga Gets Stoned In Her Grandpa's Car In New Five Foot Two Teaser featureLady Gaga has dropped another teaser for her upcoming Netflix documentary. The latest look at “Five Foot Two” opens with Gaga navigating a crowd of fans before a frenetic series of cuts shows off what the film promises.

Shots of Gaga prepping for the Super Bowl and getting a “Joanne” tattoo fly by rapidly. Quick cuts to the “Perfect Illusion” music video and a painful looking doctor’s appointment add to the frantic pace of drama and intrigue.

One of the few breaks in the action comes as Gaga looks ready to hop into the back seat of a vintage ride, saying, “Let’s get stoned in grandpa’s car.” Immediately after that, Gaga is seen putting her CD in front of others at a Wal-Mart before cops bust her for recording in the store.

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Lady Gaga Is Short And In Pain In Upcoming Netflix Documentary, “Five Foot Two”

Lady Gaga Is Short And In Pain In New Five Foot Two Netflix Documentary Teasers featureLady Gaga may be tiny, but she made a big announcement Thursday morning. As the “Joanne World Tour” marches on, Gaga dropped the news that Netflix is putting out a documentary all about her. Named “Five Foot Two” in reference to Gaga’s heigh, the doc is due out September 22. Gaga dropped five teasers, each offering up a different side of what the film promises.

One clip features Gaga underwater while a recording of a panicked conversation about how she’s “alone” in “total silence” plays. Another shows her being lifted by suspension wires in a Super Bowl halftime show practice set to dramatic choir music. In yet another, Gaga admits that she’s only seen bits and pieces of the doc so far, and doesn’t plan on watching it before the official release.

Lady Gaga Is Short And In Pain In New Five Foot Two Netflix Documentary Teasers tweet

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