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No Surprise Here: Taylor Swift Is FOX News’ Favorite Pop Star

Taylor Swift Is Fox News' Favorite Pop Star featureIn news surprising no one, FOX News has written a defense of Taylor Swift’s ongoing silence on politics. Taylor refused to publicly takes sides in the 2016 election, leading many to question where here political allegiances lie. She’s even been suing anyone bold enough to compare her to a fascist.

Marie Claire apparently thought Taylor’s new smash album was a great chance for her to say anything political. But Taylor’s refusal to do so was one of the publication’s top five things she left off of “Reputation.”

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Is Fox News Takings Shots At Justin Bieber And His Fans?

justin bieber fox news shade american politics stay out republican national convention concertJustin Bieber made headlines over the weekend when it was revealed that he backed out of a $5 million payday to perform at a Republican Party event. Justin initially agreed to the performance before his manager Scooter Braun and NBA star LeBron James convinced him to cancel his stage time at the show coinciding with the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

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