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Kendall Jenner Is The Devil

kendall jenner is the devil garage magazine willow smithKendall Jenner has a Satanic side to her. The model’s self-centered behaviors have invoked the fury of some, but her fans love her for do-what-you-want attitude when it comes to fashion, social media and life. Now, we can see just how sinful Kendall is really willing to get.

As part of a collaboration between herself, Snapchat, Garage Magazine and Willow Smith, Kendall shared some new vids that use the angels and demons filter from the app. The videos show Kendall with horn and a tail, engulfed in flames. Then, it switches to Kendall with a halo and wings, basking in a golden glow.

Kendall and Willow are splitting cover duties for the new issue of Garage which is a available now.

Check out the videos below.

(Photo credits: Kendall Jenner Instagram account)

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Willow Smith Covers GARAGE Magazine Using Snapchat And Kendall Jenner

Willow Smith Covers GARAGE Magazine Using Snapchat And Kendall JennerWillow Smith covers the Fall/Winer 2016 issue of GARAGE Magazine in a very unconventional way. She is featured in what’s being called an interactive cover using Snapchat. The model poses using her favorite filters and has even created her own for the occasion. Willow’s cover commemorates the launch of her anti-bullying campaign with Be Cool Be Nice and it can be viewed through the GARAGE Magazine app. Willow included Kendall Jenner in GARAGE’s latest issue and she also takes on various Snapchat filters.

Check out a few photos from the innovative magazine issue below and let us know what you think.

A physical copy of GARAGE is on sale now.

(Photo credits: GARAGE Magazine and UpdateJenner Twitter accounts; GARAGE Magazine and Willow Smith Instagram accounts)

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