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Nick Jonas And Joe Jonas Sing Along At Garth Brooks’ L.A. Show

Nick Jonas And Joe Jonas Sing Along To Friend In Low Places At Garth Brooks' L.A. Show featureGarth Brooks was at the Forum in Inglewood, California on Friday night and two of the three Jonas Brothers were there to see his show. Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas both shared Instagram stories live from the show, including a sing-along with Garth’s hit song “Friends In Low Places.” Ahead of Garth’s set, Joe promised the “new artist” Garth Brooks was “going to be huge,” a classic Joe joke about one of the most famous country singers of all time.

Nick was decked out in Garth gear for the show. He’s been showing off more and more of his country fan side this year. Nick finagled his way into some stage time with his childhood crush Shania Twain after presenting her with an award. While his new music doesn’t sound too country, don’t rule out a pivot from the pop star.

Check out more footage of Joe and Nick at Garth’s show below.

(Photo credit: Joe Jonas Instagram account)

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Miley Cyrus Welcomes Garth Brooks To “The Voice”

Miley Cyrus Welcomes Garth Brooks To The Voice featureMiley Cyrus has had lots of special guests join her during her debut season as a coach on “The Voice.” Joan Jett showed up to help her coach, some folks from the Happy Hippie Foundation watched a show live and Dolly Parton is set to join Miley on a duet of “Jolene” later this season. This week, Miley is helping welcome a king of ’90s country to the show–and it isn’t her dad.

Garth Brooks is joining Miley on “The Voice.” Both Miley and Garth posted pics from their time on set together. The duo seemed to have a good time, but Miley didn’t get Garth all to herself. He also helped out Alicia Keys, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton with their singers, too.

Check out photos of Miley and Garth hanging out on “The Voice” together below, plus a sneak peek of Garth helping out all of the coaches on the show.

(Photo credits: “The Voice” YouTube account; Miley Cyrus and Garth Brooks Instagram accounts)

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