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Justin Bieber May Be The Only Person Alive Who’s Here For Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid’s Vogue Cover

Justin Bieber May Be The Only Person Alive Who's Here For Zayn Malik And Gigi Hadid's Vogue Cover featureGigi Hadid shared her latest Vogue cover with an unexpected guest. Instead of Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid, Gigi appeared alongside her boyfriend, Zayn. The couple’s cover sparked some controversy as it seemed to put them at the center of the cultural conversation about gender fluidity, a term used by transgender and gender variant people to describe their experiences.

Neither Zayn nor Gigi have ever opened up about their gender identities, but the unusual pick didn’t seem to matter to Justin Bieber. He shared a shot from the story via Instagram, writing “Love this” in a caption on the pic.

It’s a shame Justin is single and so against wearing tops or maybe he could’ve been hailed as a gender fluid icon for wearing his girlfriend’s designer t-shirts.

Check out Justin’s post below.

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Instagram account)

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