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Is This Real? Selena Gomez Listed As Vocalist On New Jax Jones Track

Is This Real Selena Gomez Listed As Vocalist On New Jax Jones Track This Is Real featureSelena Gomez might have a new song coming out soon. Fans want to know if rumors that Selena is appearing on a song with Jax Jones are true, since she’s been connected to the track on a lyrics site. The page for “This Is Real*” on Genius.com lists Selena under the “Vocals” section of the track info. What’s more, it lists a release date: October 16.

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A Desperate Camila Cabello Visits A Psychic To Determine the Fate Of Her Career

Camila Cabello interviewIn a interview with Genius, Camila Cabello went deep into her start in the music industry. The singer has continued to advance her solo career after leaving Fifth Harmony earlier this year; however she may not be as confident as she appears.

The former lead of the girl group took a trip to a psychic and wanted to know more about her future in the fickle entertainment business. Surprised by the reading, Camila probably didn’t need to ask about the fate of another pop act in today’s industry.

See the interview and psychic reading below.

(Photo credit: Camila Cabello’s Instagram account)

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