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Boring Solo Act Niall Horan Prefers Adele Over Beyoncé

Niall Horan Stans Taylor Swift While Playing Golf Inside The House For Charity feature bNiall Horan took his middle-aged persona to the next level in a recent interview with Golf Digest. As Niall fielded questions about his favorite musician and golfer, he was trying to hit golf balls into a pool from all around and inside of a house.With every ball he hit into the pool, Niall raised money for a charity benefitting children of military families.

As part of his interview, Niall was asked to make a few choices in celebrity either/or questions. He picked Adele over Beyoncé, but said, “Both of them we’ll remember forever.” Then, the One Direction singer was asked to pick between Taylor Swift and Kanye West.

Niall laughed and said, “Taylor Swift all day long. She’s a sweetheart.” Guess there won’t be any official Niall Yeezy brand golf shoes anytime soon.

Niall also offered up shades of Joe Jonas with a Backstreet Boys impression.

Watch Niall hit a few balls while he takes some questions below.

(Photo credit: Golf Digest YouTube account)

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