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Kylie Jenner Does What She Does Best For GQ Germany’s August Issue: Strip

Kylie Jenner for GQ Germany-2Kylie Jenner posed for an exlusive bikini-clad cover shoot for GQ Germany and even sat down to discuss a topic she knows best, social media. The star of “Life With Kylie” gave an interesting take on how she would define her brand.

“I want to give these young women a message: You can achieve everything in life if you listen to your heart and follow your dreams,” Kylie claims. “Forget what others say about you. Follow your own rules, do only what you want – and do not apologize for it. You have only one life.”

With her own series about to premiere, there seems to be no end to Kylie or the rest of her family’s hold on reality TV. In fact, if you ask Kylie, she would probably tell you that being on a reality show helps her. “I open myself more,” she tells GQ. “I can finally show everything, all sides of me and who I really am. For me it feels like therapy.” It may be therapy for her now, but Kylie admits that stepping away from social media would be good for a day. 

“Even if I sometimes switch off my mobile phone and just want my peace,” she explains.

Read Kylie’s full interview here and check out the photos from her cover shoot below.

(Photo credits: Kylie Jenner and GQ Germany Instagram accounts)