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Selena Gomez Goes To Hillsong Church, Likes Calum Hood & Britney Spears Comparisons + Doesn’t Hate Fan Orgasmic Gomez

selena-orgasmic (6)selena-orgasmic (3)selena-orgasmic (2)SelenaCarolselena-orgasmic (1)selena-orgasmic (3)Selena Gomez went to Hillsong church today. She liked when fans compared her performance about Justin Bieber to Britney Spears singing ‘Everytime’ about Justin Timberlake 10 years ago. She also doesn’t hate her fan ‘Orgasmic Gomez’ and a fan overtagged a cute photo of her with Gracie Teefey.

UPDATE: Bitty Bieber was at church too. Saint Selena works miracles!

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Selena Holds Gracie Teefey + Coachella?

selena-graceymileyyySelena Gomez holding sister Gracie + meeting a fan in a bank parking lot. Her friend Mark Molinari hinted that Selena will attend the Coachella Music festival this year. Bieber talks about his song with Selena under!

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