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Love Overboard! Stars Throw Their Love In Everyone’s Faces For Valentine’s Day

Celebs try to spread love-1While most of the world was focused on news of the Florida high school shooting, some celebs tried to spread love on Valentine’s Day. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez celebrated their first Valentine’s Day since getting back together. For other couples, like Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler, Wednesday was just another in a long line of consecutive love holidays. And they had no problem shoving it in everyone’s face.

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Pitch, Please! Ruby Rose Joins The Riff-Off And Ruins “Pitch Perfect 3″ For Everyone

Ruby Rose Joins The Riff-Off And Ruins Pitch Perfect 3 For Everyone featureIf  you require any more convincing that “Pitch Perfect 3″ may be worth skipping in theaters next month, besides the unfortunate “Voice” mashup we still can’t unhear, Ruby Rose’s appearance in what appears to be the film’s standout moment may just do the trick.

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Hailey Steinfeld Flaunts Her “Rock Bottom” In A Teeny Bikini

Hailee Steinfeld Lets Her Rock Bottom Hang OutHailee Steinfeld attended the iHeartRadio Pool Party in Las Vegas, and she was definitely feeling the event’s theme. Before the singer took the stage to perform, she was spotted roaming around a hotel balcony in her bikini. The swimsuit left little to the imagination regarding the 19 year old’s backside. She later performed “Rock Bottom” with help from DNCE.

Check out photos of Hailee’s bikini bod and performance below.

(Photo credit: Hailee Steinfeld Instagram account, HaizSteinfansPH Twitter account, VEM/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES)

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