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Katy Perry May Disappear From The Shelves, But Not Because Of High Demand

Katy Perry makeup getting sued-2Katy Perry may want to start focusing on herself rather than on subtly dissing Taylor Swift. TMZ reports that her CoverGirl makeup line is being called into question by another cosmetics line, Hard Candy.

TMZ didn’t provide the legal documentation for Hard Candy’s alleged lawsuit against CoverGirl’s parent company Procter & Gamble, but claims it’s all over Katy’s packaging. TMZ reports that Hard Candy feels Katy’s line is infringing on the 10-plus year trademark the company has had: “Hard Candy’s taking issue with the heart in the middle of CoverGirl’s Katy makeup logos.”

Hard Candy is reportedly asking for Katy’s CoverGirl line to be removed from shelves and half of the profits since the line’s launch.

See photos of both Katy’s and Hard Candy’s packaging below.

Do you think Hard Candy has a case?

(Photo credits: Hard Candy and CoverGirl Instagram account)

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