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Harry Styles May Have Some Musical Competition With A New And Improved Harry Styles

Harry Styles has clone who will also be on XFactorThere’s a new Harry Styles that may soon take the music industry by storm. Harrison Styles mades his “The X Factor” debut on Sunday night to perform for the panel of judges that seven years ago also had the One Direction singer’s fate in their hands.

“I do often get mistaken for Harry Styles – it happened a lot more when I was younger going through secondary school although a bit less now,” the singer said. Harry 2.0 wasn’t too upset over having the same name as the boy band singer, but that may have had more to do with the attention from the ladies. “I like Harry Styles, he’s a cool and funny guy with a great tone and range. I don’t mind sharing the same name. When I was younger I suppose girls found it cool.”

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