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Zendaya Promotes 10 Year-Old Musician Kylie Cantrell

Zendaya Promotes 10 Year-Old Musician Kylie CantrellYesterday, Zendaya retweeted a music video announcement from 10 year-old singer Kylie Cantrell — who goes by the stage name Hello Kylie. Zendaya shared Kylie’s tweet, and included some encouraging words of her own.

Zendaya Promotes 10 Year-Old Musician Kylie CantrellKylie showed appreciation with a follow-up tweet, and it appears as though Zendaya might be the Usher to Kylie’s Justin Bieber. The Tweet displays a picture of Kylie and Zendaya together, and it reads, “Thanks zendaya for retweeting my video it’s just like yesterday I was in the studio with you at age 6 love ya girl!”

Kylie’s music video is for her first original song called “Sleep Is For Suckas,” and it’s set in a nursing home. The young singer dances around skillfully, and her lyrics are also pretty impressive for her age.

What do you think of Hello Kylie and her music video?

(Photo credit: Kylie Cantrall and Zendaya Twitter account)

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