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Aspiring Cult Leader Justin Bieber Has Some Words For The Devil

Justin Bieber Has Some Words For The Devil In Cultish New Instagram Post featureJustin Bieber’s religious rest and relaxation continues. The singer charitably headed to Australia for a massive Hillsong Church conference, even though he was definitely not getting paid to be there at all. Justin has been posting from the event to Instagram as he visited the church’s country of origin.

Speculation about whether or not he’s hired talent at the conference persists, but Justin isn’t tagging Hillsong in the word “sponsored” on any of his posts. Even video of him leading a massive round of group dabs only merited two words from Justin in the caption: “SO LIT”.


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A new post from the singer is another subtle piece of promotion for the church. Justin shared a video of himself hanging out on a boat and jamming out to a song owned by the church. The track, “Not Today,” is about telling the devil off and Justin definitely had some things to say about its message.

“The devil has no power when you know the LIVING God!” Justin wrote. “His name is JESUS!! Why worry when you can worship?” The inspirational video is full of imagery to suggest that Justin might be serious about getting into the God business.

If Justin does start a cult, at least he’s already got the glasses for it.

Check out his post about the song below.

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