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Ed Sheeran, Lilly Collins and Himesh Patel Star in Trailer for ‘Yesterday’

Ed Sheeran YesterdayEd Sheeran joins actors Lilly Collins and Himesh Patel in the just-released trailer for Yesterday. Yesterday is the latest musical comedy by award-winning director Danny Boyle, who is probably best known for his films Slumdog Millionaire, 28 Days Later and Steve Jobs.

In the unusual modern-day fantasy, Himesh Patel plays a young man named Jack Malik who gets hit by a bus after a worldwide power outage and wakes up to find out that he is now in a world where neither the Beatles nor their songs ever existed. Jack takes this opportunity to begin a music career by claiming credit for the Beatles’ songs. Eventually, he becomes celebrated as a star and one of the most talented singer-songwriters of his era.

But while Jack’s success affects his life in many positive ways, it also causes his friendships with characters played by Lilly and Ed to be strained to the breaking point.

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