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Move Over, Joe Jonas! Zac Efron Has Been Dubbed The New Millennial Icon

Move Over, Joe Jonas! Zac Efron Is The New Millennial Icon featureJoe Jonas recently showed up on the cover of “The Millennials” issue of Sorbet Magazine. But if he thought he’d be unchallenged as he new poster child for a generation, he was wrong. Zac Efron is making his case for that position in the June cover story of August Man Malaysia.

The publication sat down with the “ideal embodiment of millennial masculinity” to discuss his new Hugo Boss fragrance campaign, which has worked hard to position him as a representative of his generation. But his Millennial motivational speaker routine wasn’t all Zac had to offer. He also shared that physical fitness runs in the family.

“I admire Bruce Lee, Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant but my grandfather and my dad are my real heroes,” Zac says. “My grandpa is 86, and he still skis and swims every day.” Zac’s been hitting the water recently, too. Apparently, he’s taken up surfing.

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Zac Efron Is A Motivational Speaker For Millennials Now

Zac Efron Is A Motviational Speaker Now featureZac Efron sat down with Hugo Boss for a Q&A about his new campaign with the company. The marketing push, called #YourTimeIsNow, gave Zac a chance to offer up his best advice for all of his fans. As an interviewer questioned him about being a millennial icon on par with James Dean, Zac repeated clichés about the concept of time as much as possible as he offered up a positive spin on dark times.

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Zac Efron Heats Up The Desert With Shirtless Selfies

Zac Efron Heats Up The Desert With Shirtless Selfies featureZac Efron has been as of late in Dubai doing some promo work for Hugo Boss. The actor spent a little time in the city and a little time in the desert as he saw some sights while traveling for work. He showed off his upper body strength, posing as he hung from the scaffolding on a Hugo Boss sign.

The desert looked like it was especially hot as Zac stripped his shirt off and donned a head wrap. But the weather wasn’t the only thing that was streamy.

Zac shared a pic via Instagram that ensured no one needed tickets to the gun show. Showing off his aviators and some stubble, Zac revealed a tattoo of feathers on the inside of his right bicep as he flexed.

See pics from Zac’s trip to Dubai below.

(Photo credits: Zac Efron Daily Twitter account; Zac Efron Instagram account)

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Zac Efron’s Debut Hugo Boss Ad Campaign Doesn’t Stink

Zac Efron featured new hugo boss campaignZac Efron’s first ad campaign as the face of Hugo Boss has arrived and the actor wants you to know that #YourTimeIsNow. The commercial was filmed back in December when it was announced that Zac would be the spokesperson for the company’s newest signature fragrance.

“Don’t wait until tomorrow to follow your dreams. Do it now whatever it takes,” Zac captioned his ad video.

Watch the new campaign ad below.

(Photo credit: Zac Efron Instagram account)

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