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Gregg Sulkin Lands A New TV Role And #1 Fan Bella Thorne Is Right There To Cheer Him On

Bella Thorne Send Her Love To YouTube Star Ex Gregg Sulkin As He Lands A Job featureGregg Sulkin is moving back up in Hollywood. After launching his own YouTube channel, Gregg is sticking to computer screens in a comeback destined for Hulu. The upcoming Marvel series, “Runaways,” which features Gregg as Chase Stein, has had a first season ordered from the digital streaming service.

“Runaways” focuses on a group of teenagers who–you guessed it–run away from their super villain parents in order to do right by the world. Gregg’s character is the son of mad scientists and is apparently a bit of a wild card.

As usual, Bella played nice for the news, sending a sweet tweet Gregg’s way. The former couple has remained on good terms since their breakup despite Bella’s bad rep as a romantic partner.

See tweets about the news from Gregg and Bella below.

(Photo credits: Bella Thorne and Gregg Sulkin Instagram accounts)

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