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Selena Gomez’s Hurricane Silence Turns Into Tears During “Hand In Hand” Telethon

Selena Gomez Gets Emotional during Hurricane telethonSelena Gomez may not have been vocal about her compassion for hurricane victims in Houston and Florida, but the singer broke down in tears on Tuesday night. During a live hurricane relief telethon, Selena told the story of the seven members of late Selena Quintanilla’s family who lost their lives which hit home for the singer.

“August 27, seven members of the Saldivar family tried to escape the rising flood waters,” Selena said. “I come from Grand Prairie, about 250 miles away from the Saldivar’s home. Their story affected all who heard it, and, no matter who we are, the differences we have suddenly did not seem to matter,” the singer tearfully said.

The story of the family may have struck an emotional chord with the singer, but it surely didn’t make her give up a night partying at New York Fashion Week. Nor did it push her to travel to her Texas hometown to help the victims like Beyoncé or Demi Lovato.

Watch Selena’s emotional plea and the “Hand in Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief” below.

What do you think of Selena’s tearful message?

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Justin Bieber Prays For Hurricane Victims In Houston And Florida At “Hand In Hand” Telethon

Justin Bieber Prays For Hurricane Victims In Houston And Florida At Hand In Hand Telethon featureJustin Bieber was one of the biggest names at “Hand In Hand: A Benefit for Hurricane Relief” on Tuesday night. The star-studded telethon featured celebrities talking to folks who wanted to donate to aid effort for people struggling after hurricanes smashed into Houston, Texas and much of the state of Florida.

Justin was more than just a famous face at the event, though. It gave him a chance to stand alongside some other religious leaders to introduce an interfaith prayer for the people of Houston and Florida.

“I’m super grateful to be part of this cause,” Justin said on air. “We don’t want you guys to just watch, we want you guys to be a part of this and donate, whatever you can, it doesn’t have to be much — just whatever you can possibly give.”

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