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Lady Gaga Starts A Conversation About Sexual Assault With #ImASurvivor

lady gaga joanne anderson cooper starting conversation on sexual assault #imasurvivor #whywomendontreport tweet featureLady Gaga’s Twitter advocacy is showing again. The artist formally known as Joanne began tweeting about the issue of sexual assault on Wednesday night, following a panel discussion on Anderson Cooper’s CNN show. Late on Thursday, Gaga tweeted out that Anderson’s ongoing coverage of sexual assault had her feeling inspired, and she wanted people to use the hashtag #ImASurvivor to give victims a venue to share their story.

The new advocacy effort comes as no surprise from Gaga, who was a vocal supporter of Kesha throughout her legal struggles with Dr. Luke. The tweet by Gaga has political implications outside of the issue, too. Anderson invited a woman accusing Donald Trump of assault and harassment on his program for a two-night interview following Donald’s hot mic controversy.

Gaga has been giving Katy Perry a run for her money when it comes to making the case for Donald’s opponent Hillary Clinton. But, politics aside, Gaga seems dedicated to creating a space for a conversation about sexual assault to take place.

Check out Gaga’s tweets about Anderson’s coverage and the conversation on Twitter below.

(Photo credit: Lady Gaga Twitter account)

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