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India Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Justin Bieber

India Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Justin Bieber featureNew pictures from the scene ahead of Justin Bieber’s Mumbai concert might give the world a clue as to why it took $4 million to bring Justin to India. The singer was lavished with a private jet and bus featuring his face on the sides and a full red carpet treatment on his way into the “Purpose World Tour” show.

Justin also needed an impressive security detail as fans mobbed him every step of the way from the airport to the concert. It was their first chance to see Justin in India, and Bieber fever was in full effect.

Justin was in a good mood, though. He played soccer with one lucky fan and met a lot of Indian children who were happy to see him.

Check out pics and videos of Justin’s day in India below.

(Photo credit: Justin Bieber Twitter account)

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Four Million Dollars Have Been Poured Into Justin Bieber’s First Show In India

Four Million Dollars Have Been Poured Into Justin Bieber's First Show In India featurebCNN spoke with the promoter behind Justin Bieber’s show in Mumbai, India happening on May 10 who revealed what’s gone into bringing one of the world’s biggest pop stars to one of the world’s biggest countries for the first time. “We haven’t cut corners on this show,” Arjun Jain, Managing Director of White Fox India, explained. “In terms of ticketed events, this is the biggest show not only for my company, but in the history of India.” That must be why $4 million have gone in to making sure it happens.

“Everything he’s wanted we’ve made it available, except for a few things that weren’t available for which we got substitutes,” Arjun added. “We want to do certain things for him to make him like India,” Arjun said. “We’ve arranged sightseeing and a Maharaja sit-down dinner with different flavors of India because he loves Indian food. We wanted to host a couple of parties for him at celebrities’ houses and have got offers to host him there.”

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