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Lady Gaga Lives Life In The Fast Lane…Except When It Comes To Her Engagement

Lady Gaga's Life Is In The Fast Lane...Except When It Comes To Her EngagementLady Gaga hitched a ride in the passenger seat of race car legend Mario Andretti to kick off this year’s Indy 500. The singer shared photos of her time at the racetrack, and she seemed to especially enjoy meeting Pearl Harbor survivors. One of the survivors got a bit flirty with the singer, and even asked if she was married. The photo shows Lady Gaga laughing hysterically at the question, so either she’s amused by his flirtations or she’s humored at the prospect of her and Taylor Kinney actually moving from engaged to married.

Rumors have circulated that Lady Gaga and Taylor secretly wed before her birthday, so odds are that she was laughing at the survivor’s playful remarks.

See the photos of Lady Gaga’s time at the Indy 500 below.

(Photo credit: Lady Gaga Instagram account)