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World’s Worst Instagram User Taylor Swift Shares Support For Selena Gomez’s “Fetish”

World's Worst Instagram User Taylor Swift Posts Support For Selena Gomez's Fetish featureWhy does Taylor Swift even have an Instagram if all she’s going to do is promote her friends’ music on it? Taylor has only posted three times since February: once to show love for Lorde, once to hype Haim and now to send her love to Selena Gomez for her new song.

Taylor shared a pic of the cover art for “Fetish” on Thursday, an unusual break from her habit of posting a screenshot of the song playing on an iPhone at 13 seconds. The love for Selena’s new track could give it a nice nudge in the sales figures.

“Sultry pop magic from this dreamy almost-birthday-girl,” Taylor wrote in the caption on her post. She has a habit of throwing friends massive birthday parties, and she skipped out on posting anything for the Fourth of July this year. Selena will turn 25 on July 22; seems like the perfect milestone for a party.

Could a Selena birthday blowout be on the way?

Check out Taylor’s love for Selena’s new song below. Listen to “Fetish” here.

(Photo credit: Taylor Swift Instagram account)

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