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Emma Watson Quiets Feminist Drama With Some Vigilante Reading Suggestions

Emma Watson Moves Past Feminist Drama With Some Vigilante Reading Suggestions featureEmma Watson tried to put some of the drama about her feminism behind her on Wednesday. Celebrating International Women’s Day and the Day Without A Woman strike, Emma took to the streets of New York to leave free books in public spaces.

Emma shared pics and videos as she was left books by Gloria Steinem and other women authors at statues of famous leaders and thinkers like Harriet Tubman, Joan of Arc, Gertrude Stein and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Emma was part of a new movement called The Book Fairies, which is a new international program to leave free books for interested readers around the world. Emma has been leaving her own reading suggests around the world vigilante-style for a while now.

Check out pics and videos from Emma’s strike day below, plus posts from The Book Fairies, including the handwritten note Emma’s been writing in books she’s hiding.

(Photo credit: Emma Watson Instagram account)

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Katy Perry, Adele, Lindsay Lohan And More Celebrate International Women’s Day

Katy Perry, Adele, Lindsay Lohan And More Celebrate International Women's DayStars are taking to social media to celebrate International Women’s Day. The special day is a global effort to recognize all of the work women do and marks the anniversary of a women’s march on Petrograd in 1917, leading to the Russian Revolution. Spearheaded now by the United Nations, the worldwide effort is coinciding this year with a general strike by women in America protesting President Donald Trump.

Katy Perry stepped up to the plate to offer up ways to get politically active for the day. She even offered alternatives to striking for those who can’t afford to take the day off work. Wearing the color red in solidarity or avoiding purchases can be visible, tangible ways to offer support.

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