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DNCE’s JinJoo Lee Supports Gal Pal JoJo At Sold-Out Show In NYC

DNCE's JinJoo Lee Supports Gal Pal JoJo At Sold Out New York Show featureJinJoo Lee remains a super fan of her old boss JoJo. The duo reunited in Brooklyn, where JoJo was playing a sold out show as part of her “Mad Love Tour.” JoJo welcomed her old guitarist backstage for a couple of pics at the New York concert hall.

JinJoo was apparently overwhelmed by the concert as she tweeted about crying during JoJo’s set. A mix of pride and joy at seeing JoJo “livin her dream” had JinJoo in feelings for the night. JoJo had just as much love for her JinJoo as she welcomed Remy Ma to the stage.

All the lady love came on the heels of one fan asking JoJo about her sexuality. In a tweet on Tuesday morning, JoJo said that she can’t see herself “in a relationship with another woman,” but didn’t rule it out, either.

“Never say never I guess,” JoJo wrote.

See all the posts from JoJo and JinJoo below, plus watch as Remy takes the stage with JoJo at Irving Plaza.

(Photo credits: JinJoo Lee and JoJo Instagram accounts)

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